Kintore Hydrogen

First Kintore Hydrogen Public Consultation

24 April 2024

Statera held its first public consultation on its Kintore Hydrogen proposals on Wednesday 24th April at the Kintore Bowling Club. The project team was delighted to be joined by almost 200 local residents, businesses and organisations, throughout the afternoon and evening event.

The consultation provided an opportunity for attendees to view initial plans and proposals for the 3GW green hydrogen electrolyser project, for the first time. The Statera project team was on hand to explain the project and answer questions on a range of topics, from engineering and design to apprenticeships and community benefit.

To register feedback on the project proposals, consultees are encouraged to fill out a feedback form. Feedback will help inform the design, construction and operation of Kintore Hydrogen, as well as refine proposals for the community benefit package.

For those who were not able to attend the event in person, all the information provided at the consultation event is available to view online. Feedback should be submitted by 17th May 2024.

Thank you to the Kintore Bowling Club for hosting the consultation. The project team will be returning to the venue on Wednesday 19th June 2024 to share updated proposals with the community, and seek further feedback.