Kintore Hydrogen

October 2023 Update

3 October 2023

Statera is undertaking initial design and engineering work in anticipation of making a “permission in principle” planning application for Kintore Hydrogen in 2024. Statera will be holding public consultation events in early 2024 to discuss the draft proposals and invite feedback.

Ahead of this, Statera has submitted an EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) Scoping Report to Aberdeenshire local planning authority for their consideration. An EIA Scoping Report is submitted by an applicant to explain how they plan to assess environmental impacts of the project. These might include visual, noise and construction impacts, for example. You can read the scoping report here. The next step is for the local planning authority to respond with a Scoping Opinion, where it provides feedback on the proposed approach.

Once we have received this feedback from the council and other consultees, we will then submit to the local authority a Proposal of Application Notice (PoAN), which will commence the formal statutory pre-application consultation process ahead of submission of an application next year. We will then publish information on our planned consultation programme and public exhibitions.

We look forward to engaging with a wide range of stakeholders on our proposals.